• Travisplatypus

    Okay guys! I am a new user and this is my first edit on the wiki and today on my first day, I'm gonna type down how I started eating poptarts!

    My younger brother, Clayton was eating his poptarts. My mom gave me some. "Yuck! I hate poptarts!" I said. "Oh come on. Just try some," she said. So, I tried the strawberry poptart she gave me and I hated it. I swore I would never eat anther poptart again.

    My dad said he got some chocolate poptarts. I told him that I hated poptarts. "Oh come on! These ones are choclate!" Dad said. "NO!" I said. He gave some to me. "Just try them," he said. "Fine..." I said angrily. I took a bite of the poptart and I loved it!!! From that point on I only ate those poptarts.

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