• Raibar-Sado

    For this convenient wiki, let me introduce my favorite flavor of all time- Classic FROSTED brown cinnamon & sugar. This particular flavor gave me toothaches by the second packaged tart. But I kind of regret making my most recent Pop Tart eating one of those Ice Cream "Shoppe" (take that "E" off, Kellog's, noones impressed). The only thing I can say is Fudge Sundae = Stale Chocolate Donut two-days old with vanilla frosting. When this ICS series gets discontinued, please update the Crap Poptarts article with "Ice Cream Shoppe"... Anyway I think the richest flavor hands down has to be fudge. At least you could tell what was in that alien-like filling used in Pop Tarts, being somewhat real. It's a damn shame how bad the movie-sponsored flavors…

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