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1970 Kellogg's Pop Tarts TV commercial w Milton the Toaster(00:30)
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Milton the Toaster


1971 - end of the 1970's? (No longer mascot)


Pop Tarts container
Milton-shaped plate
Refrigerator magnet
Cartoon Dominoes game
National Parks Paint Set

Milton the Toaster, or simply Milton, was the original mascot for Kellogg's Pop Tarts during the 1970's. He was very popular with children during that time and had many products made after him.


In the 1960's, Pop Tarts advertised its new product by an animated toaster named Milton and could not keep the shelves stocked because it became so popular. He had several products made in the shape of him, such as a mug, Pop Tarts container, a Milton-shaped plate, a refigerator magnet, a cartoon dominoes game, and a paint set. He was around during the 1970's but then disappeared. A similar toaster appeared during the 1990s, but was unrelated.


Pop tarts tv commercial 1975-76 with Milton the Toaster(00:30)
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