Frosted Blueberry
Frosted Blueberry




8 ct, 12 ct, 2 ct vend, 2 ct, 24 ct, 16 ct

Kellogg's Description:

All kinds of yummy blueberry flavor is hidden like buried treasure inside the golden crust of these perfectly frosted and sprinkled toaster pastries.



Frosted Blueberry Pop Tarts is a frosted flavor. It comes in 6 different sizes: 8 ct, 12 ct, 2 ct vend, 2 ct, 24 ct, and 16 ct sizes. Frosted Blueberry Pop Tarts were also one of the three official toaster pastries of the 1984 U.S. Olympic team.


Blueberry Poptart Blues00:30

Blueberry Poptart Blues

Ninja Pop-Tart00:33

Ninja Pop-Tart

Sea Food00:18

Sea Food

Nutritional informationEdit

On the 2 ct. vend pack, 2 pastries are listed as being 410 calories, meaning 205 calories each. However, on other packages, one pastry is said to be 200 calories.

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